FIFA 21 has been attracting more and more dedicated football fans with each passing day. It is only natural considering the most popular mode of the game, FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, received some healthy improvements. However, if you are new to the game and unfamiliar with its know-how, then you might have a tough road ahead of you. The mode is not just about choosing your favorite player but more about choosing the right player. This article will present you with some tips for your campaign that will prove beneficial in the long run. 

Team Building Stats

FIFA relies heavily on the players’ synergy, and handpicking the dream lineup is the core of the FIFA Ultimate Team. FUT comes with thousands of item choices for your players to build the ideal squad around them. These players are also subdivided into few categories: Gold, Bronze, Silver, and Special, deepening on their rarity and rating in the game.

When building your squad, it is all about forming a bond between the players and understanding their Chemistry and how they will behave on the field. If players from similar league or clubs come in contact with each other, it will result in creating links within the squad.

However, it is essential to note that most robust leagues house some of the most expensive players, which is not an ideal start to your FUT experience. The safest option is to look for cost-friendly and decent players, which are likely available in Serie  A, Liga NOS, and the Chinese Super League.

Afterward, the meta plays a significant role in any tactical game. When it comes to FUT 21, going with more attackers is the optimal approach, which means you want players that can run very fast with decent positioning stats. The formation can also be a critical factor in FIFA, so you might want to prefer two strikers or analyze and make the decision that works the best in your case. Such tactics can come in handy and outclass your opponents when you challenge them on platforms such as Kingsleague.

Boosting Your Coin Earnings

When it comes to FUT 21, there are many more approaches to earning coins than ever in the past. The chances of some new or even experienced players choking or taking the wrong approach are highly likely. The process requires time and observation, but it can become mandatory if you have the necessary knowledge and understanding of how things work.

Although it is somewhat cliche, there is no denying that participating in rivals and squad battles earn you the most coins. So, it should be your main priority each week. Squad-building challenges are another excellent way of earning coins if you understand how the market works. The price of similarly rated players goes up if a new player SBC releases for the same rating (e.g., 83-rated player). So, your approach should invest your stocks when the market is down in order to make the most out of it.

Another more effective strategy for earning more coins is Chemistry style trading, Kingsleague players, apply it a lot. If you have a player with Chemistry style already applied to them, there are chances that it might be sold at a price that does not take this into account. This way, you can fool the buyers by selling your cards at a greater cost. 

There are tons of other strategies, but they all follow the same principle: knowledge of taking benefits from specific market sectors. All you need to do is spend some time learning the know-how, and you will make a fortune in no time.

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