We’re huge fans of FUT here at Kingsleague. Ever since we launched our company, our community has been continuously asking about when we’ll include it to our game selection. 

With the new launch of FIFA 21, we’ve decided to introduce Ultimate Team, starting  this Sunday, October 18th! 

Our main concern was making things fair for everybody, so we started out by defining the rules that everyone should follow. 

If you’re ready to challenge players for money on FUT 21, we’ve designed some simple rules to highlight your gaming experience. 

Note: Paying attention to the skill level of your opponent is probably the best advice we can give you – once you have started a match, there is no going back.

Without further ado, here are the FUT FIFA 21 rules:

Kingsleague’s FIFA21 Ultimate Team RULES

Please set all settings as followed. These settings are to be strictly followed in FUT 21 challenges. Anything outside of these parameters will not be accepted.

  1. Team level: All
  2. Half time length: Six (6) minutes
  3. Control: All
  4. Playing Speed: Normal
  5. Game Modes: Classic Game
  6. Borrowed players are not allowed

Instructions to Play a FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Match on Kingsleague

You’ve sent a challenge to a fellow player in Kingsleague and he accepts; what should I do now?

  1. Add your Kingsleague opponent to your friend list in the PS Network
  2. Start FIFA
  3. Go to Ultimate Team
  4. Go to “Play”
  5. Choose friendly matches
  6. Select the agreed lobby settings (see above)
  7. Invite your Kingsleague opponent
  8. Play the match

  9. Submit the results 

Special Features:

Additionally, these rules apply to your FUT friendly matches.

  1. Your matches do not consume contracts or fitness for your players
  2. The games you play do not count towards your club’s balance
  3. Injuries and red cards are not covered


Due to the fact that there might be several tournaments and seasons going on in different game modes, points scored in FUT do not apply to the leaderboard in normal FIFA 21 matches, and vice versa (matches played on FIFA 21 friendlies will not apply to FUT leaderboards).