The idea of Kingsleague began back in October 2019. Our founders – Emanuel Spitzy and Moritz Drechsel – are both sportsmen. They love the thrill, competitiveness and sportsmanship within it. Being gamers themselves, they felt that, even though competitiveness is felt, sportsmanship was just missing. 

They also saw how, even though competitive gaming was a thing, less than 1% of gamers were going to be able to make money out of it – either becoming a professional gamer, or a streamer. 

With this in mind, they decided to create Kingsleague: a place where the rest of us, the 99% who love the game, can come and compete in a world of thrill and sportsmanship. 

Manifesting the Thrill

Thrill in Sports

The thrill of sportsmanship, from top left to bottom right: Michael Jordan, Michael Schumacher, Roger Federer, Marcelo “Coldzera” David


The idea was crystal clear, but drawing out the representation was not as easy as we imagined. How can I express a feeling through a logo? A sensation? How can I express thrill? The team began sketching-out ideas, focusing on just that: the thrill. 


If you close your eyes and think about an immediate reaction of winning, I think you’ll probably reach at least one of the following: shouting with joy; raising your hands with fury; smiling; screaming something similar to: YES!  


Building the Kingsleague Logo

We began producing this idea: “let’s sketch out the feeling” . You don’t have to be a pro to know the feeling and, some how, we all express it in a pretty similar way! 

We also thought that he who was best in the field, was the king of the field; hence, we also wanted to add a crown or an element to symbolize that. 

So, our first idea was born.

(Not exactly the Nike Swoosh we were expecting…but it is what it is)

After that, we wanted to make it a bit cleaner and bolder, and evolved towards what all of our users have known:

Evolving with Our Audience

By June 2020, we decided to build-upon what we had. We dug inside of our company’s principles and purpose. When we think about Kingsleague, we strive to become the community where the 99% of us casual-yet-competitive gamers come to compete. 

Kingsleague is the place where people bring their thrill and sportsmanship to gaming. It takes transparency as a key factor throughout its operations: from a clear ranking system, to a fair compensation system based on players’ matches’ results. 

We’re proud of our roots and how we started, but we’re even more excited as to what is to come. That being said, we have worked closely with our community, designers and stakeholders to upscale our brand to the next level. 

Today, we wanna introduce our new logo. Resembling the passion for games. Resilience. Practice and love for the game. 

Designed to evoke a feeling of power and success: the feeling of climbing a mountain or pumping your fist in the air. Bold. 

Designed to transcend, as much as our passion.