FIFA Ultimate Team shows some promising changes and tweaks each year, whether formulating your ideal Team, grinding the ranks, or simply having a good time earning exciting rewards. This time around, EA Sports made some prominent enhancements to the FUT 21 that focus on granting the players more freedom to perform duties and earn additional rewards during the gameplay.

Training Cards and Fitness is Now a Thing of the Past

Prior to FUT 21, every player had to continuously focus on tracking down its squad members’ welfare between matches. However, now you can finally bid farewell to concern over the Fitness of a player. It implies that each player begins their quest with maximum Fitness before the match, directly contributing to saving your Team and valuable Coins at the same time. Also, Training Cards are now permanently removed from the gameplay, which served the purpose of boosting the statistics of a player.

Team and Community Events

With the introduction of Team and Community events, FUT 21 now offers greater rewards, which is an excellent initiative towards bringing together the FIFA players. There is now a global XP pool concept, in which players can contribute directly by carrying out certain objectives. Moreover, if the XP pool surpasses a particular landmark, it will earn special rewards, including TIFOs and Stadiums’ cool themes.

Team events are now far more complex and challenging and require up to five unique squads to fulfill the given objectives. Upon completion, the winning Team will earn themselves Coins and Packs, and even customized items. The ideal strategy is to focus on completing as many objectives as possible to increase the odds for your group to emerge victoriously.

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FUT 21 The Top 100

Following the tradition every year, FUT 21 now pays a greeting to more interesting new ICONs this year. Ultimate Team now accumulates a total of 100 ICONs. Below mentions are all the new additions that made their way with the FUT 21:

  • Ashley Cole
  • Xavi Hernández
  • Fernando Torres
  • Ferenc Puskás
  • Bastian Schweinsteiger
  • Davor Šuker
  • Petr Čech
  • Eric Cantona
  • Philipp Lahm
  • Nemanja Vidić
  • Samuel Eto’o

Live FUT Friendlies

Live FUT Friendlies merges the rules of House and Squad to bring forth a friendly limited time matchmaking experience. Few limitations come with Squad Rules in the form of a rarity level or player belonging to a specific league to fulfill completion criterion.

FIFA is Best When Playing with Your Friends

Whether it be forming a party to rise above the Division or teaching the ways of FIFA to your newbie friend, FIFA is the most enjoyable when playing with your friends and family. If your area of expertise is Co-op gameplay, you can team up with a friend to march your way through Division Rivals, FUT Friendlies, and Squad Battles in FUT 21. Inviting your friends and creating lobbies is just a matter of a few click now rather than wasting time through the menus.

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