FIFA 21 Drag Back Skill Move and How to Effectively Perform it?

The skill moves play a massive role in the making and innovating the overall gameplay of FIFA. If two players share the same level of experience, what can determine a victor among them could be as straightforward as having complete control over one additional skill move. So in this post you will learn in detail how to use and perform the drag back skill move in the new FIFA21 effectively.

It implies that learning the skill move in a competitive game like FIFA can put you leagues above the rest of the players. Of course, it also serves the purpose of impressing and showing off in front of your friends.

In this respect, the Drag Back was one of the most widespread and impactful skill moves in FIFA 20. An effectively performed skill move can aid in creating enough space during the offense, and Drag Back, in this respect, is probably the best and effective skill move to have in your arsenal. The FIFA 20 variant of this skill move was quite overwhelming and broken, however in FIFA 21, it underwent minor tweaks and updates.

The Drag Back skill still functions in a similar manner to how it did in the past. It requires one player to pull the football back with the help of their foot’s sole to keep the ball out of the defender’s range. Afterward, you have to flick the ball with your player’s foot and move along in any possible direction. Though, what changed it in the FIFA 21 is the addition of agile dribbling, which directly affects its execution timing.

How to perform your Drag Back effectively

The below-mentioned steps explain what it takes to execute a Drag Back in FIFA 21 effectively.

  1. First and foremost, a minimum criterion of two-star skill moves must be met on the player. If possible, all the players or the most popular ones out of all must have two or more stars.
  2. On PS4, the Drag Back skill requires you to hold down R1 and L1 bumpers. On the other hand, Xbox One requires you to hold down RB and LB numbers.
  3. Afterward, on the left thumbstick, pull back on it as quickly as possible. It triggers your ball to move in the opposite direction than that of where your player is facing.
  4. Once you accomplish this feat, you will need to move the left thumbstick once more in order to flick the football in any direction you desire.

Mastering the Drag Back skill move will grant you the skill to effortlessly fake Drag back in order to surprise your opponents. Kingsleague players exploit this trick a lot instead of upward or downward thumbstick strokes, the trick is to push it back in a similar direction to where your player is facing in that instance.

We hope that with this guide you will be able to effectively perform the drag back skill move in the new FIFA21 and improve your overall playing skills.


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