After a very successful Season 1 and an exciting Cup (Road to Fifa 21 cup), we have officially launched FIFA 21 in Kingsleague. With the help and feedback of many of our users, we’ve decided to spice-up our app by introducing challenges!

Starting tonight, users will be able to unlock prizes by completing tasks. Our ultimate goal (and purpose on Kingsleague) is to create a community that reflects the thrill and sportsmanship of gaming.

Hence, we have developed two different types of challenges to get closer to our gamers: fixed challenges and weekly challenges.

Fixed challenges are tasks in which all users can achieve at any time, and weekly challenge will vary on specific goals.

These challenges will vary every week and will not limit itself to the Kingsleague app, but all-around tasks: from social media, to phone calls and even easter-egg hunts in physical places!

So, without further ado, here is the list of our overall challenges

Kingsleague Fixed Challenges

The fixed challenges are, by definition, ones that may only be achieved once and are available community-wide to both new and existing gamers.

This list will be constantly updated, so stay tuned to our newsletters and social media!

  1. Update your Kingsleague profile picture: 1€
    1. Login to your Kingsleague account and update your avatar
  2. Follow us on Instagram: 1€
    1. Follow us on our Instagram and DM us with your Kingsleague account name! We’ll verify if you’re following us 🙂
  3. Share your Kingsleague victory on Instagram Story: 1€
    1. Share a screenshot of our app, showcasing your victory and tag us on instagram
  4. Publish an IG post inviting others to Kingsleague: 2€
    1. Chose between an image, video or reel, tag us on the post and make an honest review (good or bad!) about Kingsleague! DM us the post and we’ll deposit your prize 24 hours after
  5. Have a beer with us at the office: 1€
    1. Book a visit with us within the week, have a beer, play a match (or two) and tell us more about your experience with Kingsleague! Beer’s on us and you’ll get 1€ for your next match!

Kingsleague Weekly Challenges: October 12 – October 19

The weekly challenges on Kingsleague are only valid from Monday to Monday,  achieve these tasks this week to unlock the prizes mentioned.

  1. Play a total of 10 matches: 2€
    1. Complete a total of 10 matches within a week and receive 2 € as a reward
  2. Win 3 Matches in a row: 1€
    1. Win 3 consecutive matches and get 1 € in return
  3. Play a Match with a pot size of at least 10 €: 2€
    1. Challenge an opponent for 6 € or above to unlock your 2€ reward

    Huge Weekly Challenge

  4. Play a Match with 50 € stake: 10€
    1. Complete a Match with at least 50 € stake and receive a 10 € reward

At the end of each week our team at Kingsleague will confirm the winners of the weekly challenges and will credit their accounts with the collected rewards.

We hope our newly introduced weekly challenges will bring you even more fun and action while playing Kingsleague.

Therefore we wish you a lot of fun collecting rewards and look forward to growing together with all of you as a community full of sportsmanship.