Sixteen Players Remaining

It’s been an exciting month. Season 1 began with a month qualifying round, which finished off last Sunday, September 20th.

The league grabbed traction quickly and lots of excitement. We began the Season with less than 500 players and ended the qualifying round with over 2,000!

After a hard-competed league, we now have our 16 finalists, defined by being those who summed the most points in the Season.

The finals will be streamed live through our Twitch Channel, as well as by some of our favorite streamers!

Here are Our Finalists for Season 1

[bracketsninja bracketid=d28723de-407f-4bf1-a7ff-4b807955c7f3]

Kingsleague Finals – How it Works

  • All games of the Finals will be played as a knockout-stage
  • All games will take place Sunday, September 27th
  • All matches will be best out of 3
    • If any game ends tied, they will play for golden goal – no ties.
    • First player to win two consecutive games, wins the stage
  • Gamers will have 10 minutes to connect to each game and challenge/accept challenge.
  • If you are not ready to play your match in the first 10 minutes of match times, you may automatically lose the game, in order to keep the tournament going.
  • All matches will be played for 1€
  • Games gamers Round of 16 will go from 17:00 – 18:00

Kingsleague Finals – Times

  • As mentioned above, all games will be played on Sunday, September 27th.
  • Round of 16 will go from 17:00-18:00
  • Quarter finals will go from 18:00-19:00
  • Semi finals will be played at
    • Match 1 from 19:00-19:45
    • Match 2 from 19:45- 20:30
  • Third place will be played at 20:30
  • The final will take place at 21:15

Prizes for the Finalists

  • All 16 finalists will receive 50€ in their account
  • Users will also receive a code to receive a free Gaming Booster StarterPack from LevlUp!

Additionally, those who reach the podium will receive the following:

  • Third place will additionally receive:
    A. An EPIC BLACK / RED Noblechair, worth 339,90€
    B. 100 € in their Kingsleague Account
    C. LevlUp Starter Box Galaxy Edition, worth 50€
  • Second place
    ICON WHITE / BLACK Noblechair worth 369.90€
    B. 250€ in their Kingsleague Account
    LevlUp Starter Box Galaxy Edition + 1x LevlUp Dose (Jungle Juice), worth 100€
  • The king of Season 1, will receive:
    A. Noblechair HERO BLACK EDITION worth 449,90€
    B. 600€ in their Kingsleague Account
    C. LevlUp’s Starter Box Galaxy Edition, 2 LevlUp Dose (1 Nuklear Edition + 1 Jungle Juice), a LevlUp Mousepad and a LevlUp Snapback, worth 150,00€
kingsleague season 1 prizes