So, how does Kingsleague’s point system work

We at Kingsleague emphasize fairplay and sportsmanship in all that we do! Our Point System is in strict accordance with these principles and works as follows:

For every match you play, you are awarded the amount of points corresponding to your opponent’s strength, hereby acknowledging that beating a stronger opponent deserves more credit.

Furthermore, that number will be multiplied with a factor depending on how much money you bet on yourself, again paying tribute to the fact that you were willing to take a risk and beat the odds.

For example: If you beat an opponent with a KLR level of 30 and your entry fee was 1€, you will receive 3 points. Beat that same opponent while betting 10€ and you will receive 30 points. In an effort to recognize your bravery when losing a match, you will also be granted 10% of what you would have gotten for a victory.

Additionally, you will receive another 50% on top of the points you get when playing in a rematch or when playing through our rumblemode.

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