Kingsleague believes in competitive gaming and that there is a space in which the invested time can pay off. Dedication and admiration for those who spend hours mastering skills, where nano-second decisions change the outcome of a night. He knows the majority of competitive gamers will not become professional, yet wants to open a space where challenges can take place just like in the professional realm.   

He is assertive to sportsmanship and is a gentleman. Rules are made to be followed. Kingsleague is fond of chivalry and proper manners. He believes that gaming can connect with people beyond the digital spectrum and can transform users into better citizens. 

Fond of regular sportsmanship, he is convinced that it is imperative to have a healthy habitat in order for the community to grow. He’s the friend that’s always willing to get out of his way in order to help somebody learn something new. Whether or not it generates immediate income, he’s constantly trying to connect with more people. 

He understands that his goal has no barriers but that he should start off with the closest friends he has in order to get the wave going. He is an educated man who understands the industry. 

He too has been part of the toxic atmosphere, but has had great moments in gaming. He believes that this should change and it is one of his goals to do so. 

He is a strategic leader and is always trying to connect the community in other ways, by expanding the online limits to local physical meetups. 

He knows his way around the internet and understands the main stakeholders around the game. 


Kingsleague wants to position itself as the place where Europe meets to challenge, but he knows that it has to acquire local recognition beforehand. 

He is continuously proactive on gaming news and open to new opportunities when it comes to alliances. He wants to help position his gamers and open the possibility for users to meet people they admire in a game. 

His main interests are:

  • Competitive gaming
  • E-sports
  • Lifestyle gaming
  • Gaming gear
  • ESL

Our Tone

Kingsleague is a gentleman. He’s a clever guy who people like to be around. He’s open minded and takes opinions into consideration when responding. Never disrespectful. He’s very approachable, he avoids slang and dirty words (in public). He’s a sportsman himself and is passionate about the game. 

What he looks like

His personality resembles a mix between Roger Federer and Michael Jordan. Physically, he’s a very typical German guy in his early 30’s.


On Saturday, August 22nd 2020, Kingsleague Season 1 has started. The month-long tournament begins with an all-vs-all round, finishing up with a classical ladder, similar to those scene in the World Cup or the Champions League.

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