Kingsleague exists to bring thrill and sportsmanship to gaming. But how exactly are we doing this and what even is it what we are doing? Both answers to these questions can be found in this article. Let’s start with the what.

What are we doing?

We’re building a platform that connects casual yet competitive gamers, through which they can challenge each other and compete for cash prizes and rankings in leaderboards. 

Through an effortless process, users can sign up and make themselves available to play against others with similar skills. 

Users will arrive at a financial agreement to which the  winner will take 90% of the cash prize, and 10% will be collected by the platform.

The platform will transparently show all ongoing games, disputes and results, promoting fair play within the community. 

Our platform will provide a reliable ranking system, in order for users to confidently estimate the strength of their opponents and challenges.

How does Kingsleague bring thrill and sportsmanship to gaming?

By creating interesting content that emotionally appeals to our audience as approachable, humble and transparent. Viewable in our Blog, Instgram, Twitter and Facebook.

By being consistent with our vision and authentic in our communication. Actions speak louder than words – we must manifest ourselves strongly and decisively through our website, app and email, but even stronger with our actions. 

By aligning our team, empowering them through our values and our vision; that will ultimately define their actions. 

By delivering trustworthy and reliable technology, that generates confidence, reflecting the high expectations we communicate. 

By being true to our values in everything we do: transparency, solidarity, justice, integrity, respect and teamwork. These values start inside of our company and affect every stakeholder.

By showing compassion and sportsman conduct with every user, no matter how much money they’ve placed. 

By getting out of our way to help users who are struggling – even if this means it will affect our short term interests. 

By being a leader in the industry, showing respect for gamers and promoting sportsmanship.

By being fair with what is expected by the community: organized competitions and challenges with stress-free payments and a no-tolerance for cheaters. 


On Saturday, August 22nd 2020, Kingsleague Season 1 has started. The month-long tournament begins with an all-vs-all round, finishing up with a classical ladder, similar to those scene in the World Cup or the Champions League.

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