What is Kingleague?

Kingsleague is a social gaming brand that connects its users by allowing them to challenge each other in their favourite games for cash prizes. 

Kingsleague values transparency as a key factor throughout its operations: from a clear ranking system, to a fair compensation system based on players’ matches’ results. 

The company is close and accessible to its community. Taking into account the “toxic”/complicated environment that exists within the ecosystem of gaming, Kingsleague wants to create a safe space that praises sportsmanship and fair behaviour.

We are a company that promotes a healthy gaming lifestyle with fair rules. We are gracious and respectful by replicating proper manners in sports.

We understand that this is a booming industry and that it is within our reach to be responsible for the growth of a positive setting.

We are coherent with our vision and purpose, generating impact by appending to the passion of e-sports and competitive gaming. 

What impact does Kingsleague have?

We want to be the company that unites all gamers that are not professionals. Those that are competitive and spend countless hours ‘training’ to get better in a game. We want to change the way the community currently abides within games – converting it from a toxic environment, to one of sportsmanship, where respect and chivalry shine. We want to make every game count and make it possible for people to make some money while doing so.

By what is Kingsleague influenced?

We are influenced by the sports realm. We believe in sportsmanship and cherish all sports. We believe that, just as there is competitive wagering and tournaments within minor league sports, we can be the ones that connect the casual, yet competitive gamers that spend thousands of hours playing. We are truly fond of the gaming community as well as other platforms that are currently connecting gamers: ESL, DreamHack, PlayersLounge, GamersSaloon, ESEA, Geezy and Fifa eWorldCup. 

What are our Values?

Being an esports company, Kingsleague’s values resemble those of sports.

  • Transparency: It is key for every game to be carried out in a way the community sees everything clearly.
  • Solidarity: gaming is a long term goal – we will all lose from time to time; we’re in this together.
  • Justice: Rules and regulations are to be followed without discrimination or preference for anybody.
  • Integrity: We stand in accordance with our ethics. They are not negotiable.
  • Respect: Sportsmanship and courteous treatment within the game is essential for the development of a strong community.
  • Teamwork: All results are dependent on the team – be it flaws or success. We embrace collaboration without regard to individual goals.

On Saturday, August 22nd 2020, Kingsleague Season 1 has started. The month-long tournament begins with an all-vs-all round, finishing up with a classical ladder, similar to those scene in the World Cup or the Champions League.

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