On the 22nd, August the Kingsleague Season 1 started. At the moment the qualification phase is still running, in which everybody plays against everybody else. For every FIFA-match you get points – even if you lose! The stronger your opponent and the higher the stake, the more points you get. The 16 players who have collected the most points by 20.09. will reach the round of sixteen. Nothing has been decided yet!


If you check the table, you can see that the first few places already have some points, but that everything is still open in the back. The first place is occupied by C63sAMG with 437 points. But the 16th place has only 40 points at the moment and you can beat that with only a few games. For the tournament, it doesn’t matter whether you are 1st or 16th at the end of the qualification phase – both reach the round of sixteen and from then on it’s all about the skills of the individual! 

How much has been played so far?

Since the beginning of the qualification, more than 400 matches have already taken place. Almost 3500€ has been played and almost 400 new users have registered, all waiting for action! 

Can I still join?

New players can join until the end of the qualification phase! Since this is on September 20th, there is still more than enough time to collect many points and qualify for the knockout phase!


  • Top 16

          The top 16 players qualifying for the round-of-16 will receive 50€ each (25€ real; 25€ Bonus)

  • The BEST

           The third best gamer will receive a EPIC BLACK / RED Noble Chair, worth 339,90€ and 100€. 

           For the second place we have 250€ and an ICON WHITE / BLACK Noble chair worth 369.90€.


          The King of Season 1 gets the nobelchairs HERO BLACK EDITION worth 449,90€ + 600€ Cash


Start playing now and you still have a chance to win the big prize!

Are you ready?

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