Kingsleague Season 1 FIFA-20 Finals Announced

Sixteen Players Remaining It's been an exciting month. Season 1 began with a month qualifying round, which finished off last Sunday, September 20th. The league grabbed traction quickly and lots of excitement. We began the Season with less than 500 players and ended the qualifying round with over 2,000! After a hard-competed league, we now

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How Does the Point System Work in Kingsleague?

So, how does Kingsleague's point system workWe at Kingsleague emphasize fairplay and sportsmanship in all that we do! Our Point System is in strict accordance with these principles and works as follows: For every match you play, you are awarded the amount of points corresponding to your opponent's strength, hereby acknowledging that beating a stronger

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Behaviour Kingsleague believes in competitive gaming and that there is a space in which the invested time can pay off. Dedication and admiration for those who spend hours mastering skills, where nano-second decisions change the outcome of a night. He knows the majority of competitive gamers will not become professional, yet wants to open

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Kingsleague exists to bring thrill and sportsmanship to gaming. But how exactly are we doing this and what even is it what we are doing? Both answers to these questions can be found in this article. Let’s start with the what. What are we doing? We’re building a platform that connects casual yet competitive

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What is Kingleague? Kingsleague is a social gaming brand that connects its users by allowing them to challenge each other in their favourite games for cash prizes.  Kingsleague values transparency as a key factor throughout its operations: from a clear ranking system, to a fair compensation system based on players' matches' results.  The company

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On the 22nd, August the Kingsleague Season 1 started. At the moment the qualification phase is still running, in which everybody plays against everybody else. For every FIFA-match you get points - even if you lose! The stronger your opponent and the higher the stake, the more points you get. The 16 players who

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