The FC Chelsea hasn’t been able to rise up to their fans expectations in the past three years. After winning the Premier League in 2017 and Antonio Conte left, they weren’t even close to winning the league again. To change that, the Blues made serious business in the transfer market. They already spent more money on new players than anyone else this year with 143,20€ million. After last summer, where they had only 45€ million of expenses FC Chelsea definitely changed their minds about their transfer policy.                                                              

Finished Transfers

1. Hakim Ziyech

The Dutchman had played for Ajax Amsterdam for most of his professional career, but decided to make the next step by going to the Blues. Right now he has a market value of 40,00€ million, which was also the transfer fee for which he was signed. The 27-year-old usually  plays as a right wing.

2. Timo Werner

Rumours about Werner leaving Leipzig were always going around in the past few years. But now it’s certain and his next club will be FC Chelsea. The Blues actually made a pretty good deal with signing the German for 53,00 million, 11,00€ million less than his actual market value. He is only 24 years old and he can without a doubt develop into one of the best strikers in the world. 

3. Ben Chilwell

The 23-year-old came from Leicester City and is said to be the best English left-back since Ashley Cole. FC Chelsea paid a whopping 50,20€ million, making him one of the most expensive defenders of all time. Even though his market value is 40 million, the fee is definitely reasonable, because the Blues also pay for his potential.

4. Thiago Silva

For the past decade Silva has been a world class defender. Even though he is 35-years-old he still managed to play in the Champions League final this year, but now he’s leaving PSG after 8 years. Chelsea certainly can use an experienced player in the defence, especially now after the signing of young Chilwell. The fact that they only have to pay his salary makes this transfer even better for the Blues. 

Rumoured Transfers

1. Kai Havertz

The german has reportedly been Chelsea’s most desired player for the past year, but so far there has no deal been announced. He certainly won’t be cheap either with a market value of 81,00€ million. The offensive midfielder is one of the greatest talents in the world right now, with many calling him the future of German football.

2.Matthias Ginter

Chelsea’s defence hasn’t been the best this season, so it only seems plausible that they want to sign another defender. With Ginter they would have a perfect fit. He wouldn’t be too expensive with a market value of 28,00€ million and he is very experienced, having won the World Cup in 2014 with Germany.


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