The streaming giant Netflix has surprised his users once again by releasing a new gaming series called High Score on the 19th of, August. It’s a docuseries about the history of several classic video games. It consists of six episodes including interviews with creators and developers who brought such worlds and characters to life like Final Fantasy, Doom, Mortal Kombat or Sonic the Hedgehog.

Overview of the mini-series:

  1. Boom & Bust (47 Min.): Space Invaders and Pac-Man lead an arcade craze, while Atari’s cartridge system dominates home gaming until high-profile failure sparks a downfall.
  2. Comeback Kid (44 Min.): A Japanese playing card company called Nintendo enters gaming and hits it big with Donkey Kong, then later takes over home gaming with the Nintendo ES gaming system.. 
  3. Role players (41 Min.): Inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, adventure and role-playing computer games introduce unprecedented levels of choice and complexity to players.
  4. This is war (42 Min.): Sega’s Genesis console and its speedy character, Sonic, hit the market. Electronic Arts kicks off a partnership with football legend John Madden.
  5. Fight! (44 Min.): Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat give rise to head-to-head fighting genre, but the increasing graphic violence in games brings controversy.
  6. Level Up (38 Min.): Nintendo goes 3D with Star Fox. Wolfenstein 3D popularizes the first-person shooter format, while Doom ups the ante with networked gaming”

Watch the trailer here.

(Source: Netflix)


Last Saturday, August 22nd 2020, Kingsleague Season 1 has started. The month-long tournament begins with an all-vs-all round, finishing up with a classical ladder, similar to those scene in the World Cup or the Champions League.

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