How does the tournament work?

The tournament starts with the “Qualification Stage”, during which players will collect as many points as possible by playing as many matches against their opponents as possible. This stage takes place from the 22nd of August until the 20th of September. The players collect points with every match and hereby position themselves in the leaderboards. The top 16 players on the 20th of September with the most points will be selected to play against each other in the “Knockout Stage”. Here each pairing is decided by the rule of “Best of 3”. If there is a tie the players have to enter into a golden goal match. The Kingsleague Season 1 Final will be held on Sunday, September 27th,, just a few days before FIFA 21 comes out. 

How many points do I get per game?

The amount of points one can get in a game is determined by the rating of the player and the entry fee, meaning that the better your opponent and the higher the entry fee you play for, the more points you receive. The exact number of points is calculated by first dividing the amount of money you are playing for by ten and then multiplying it with the rating of the player. If you win you get all these points, but even if you lose you will still receive 10% of the points you would have gotten for a victory.

How many matches can I play?

Players can play as many matches as they want! However, you can only receive points from playing against the same opponent three times per day. This way we make sure everything stays fair and square!

Until when can I join?

New players can join until the end of the qualification stage. With that date being the 20th September there is still more than enough time to get enough points to qualify for the Knockout stage, so start now!

What are the prizes?

The top 16 players qualifying for the round-of-16 Knockout Stage will receive 50€ each (25€ real; 25€ Bonus). The top three players will get even more money and bonuses. The third best gamer will receive a EPIC BLACK / RED Noble Chair, worth 339,90€ and 100€. For the second place we have 250€ and an ICON WHITE / BLACK Noble chair worth 369.90€. A HERO BLACK EDITION Noble Chair, worth 449,90€ and 600€ are waiting for the King of Season 1.


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