The final of the UEFA Europa League 2019/20 will take place on Friday, 21st August in Cologne. Kick-off is at 21:00 CET and the two finalists are Inter Mailand and FC Sevilla. After several disappointing seasons, Inter Mailand finally gets the chance to win an international tournament again, slowly trying to get back to old strength. But their opponent cannot be underestimated. By winning the Europa League Final from 2014 to 2016 three years in a row, Sevilla showed that they know how to succeed and although Sevilla’s total value is about half as high as Inter’s, there doesn’t seem to be a clear favourite going into the final.


How did they play so far?

With a 5-0 win against FC Schachtar Donezk, an opponent who’s attack was one of the best in the whole tournament, making the win even more impressive, Inter Mailand proved that they are determined to win the title. In that match they also showed once again how good their defensive line is, having conceded only one goal in the last seven games.

After being taken over by the chinese group Suning in 2016, Mailand were able to sign several talented players. Romelu Lukaku and Christian Eriksen turned out to be two of the key players of the season, after signing for Inter last summer. Both also being the two players with the highest market value, having a combined worth of 136,00 million euros. 

With the star coach Antonio Conte on the sideline Mailand certainly has nothing to fear and after having lost the league title to Juventus Turin by only one point they definitely won’t be easy to beat.

Sevilla on the other hand played against the winner from 2017, Manchester United. It was a very close game, but the Spaniards were able to come out superior with a 2:1 win after 90 minutes. By that they extended their unbeaten run to a 20 game streak, not having lost a single game since february and even though the trainer, Julen Lopetegui, may not be as famous as Conte, with that win he definitely proved that he knows how to beat a good opponent.

Where will the game be broadcasted?

The channel RTL will show the game from the start and their pre-game discussion can be watched beforehand, beginning at 20:15 CET. 

Like every other Europa League game the final will also be broadcast on the streaming service DAZN, also showing the game from kick-off and starting the transmission at 20:45 CET.



This Saturday, August 22nd 2020, Kingsleague Season 1 will begin. The month-long tournament will begin with an all-vs-all round, finishing up with a classical ladder, similar to those scene in the World Cup or the Champions League.

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