From the 22nd of August until the 27th of September, Kingsleague will have its first season. The season will begin with a month-long all vs all qualification round that will last until the 20h of September, at which point, the top 16 players will be selected to play Season 1. 

The league final will be Sunday, September 27, shortly before FIFA 21 comes out. The winner will be awarded with 1000€, a combination of cash and bonus and other prices. 

Kingsleague Launches its first Season with a FIFA 20 PS4 Tournament

1. How will the Qualification stage in Kingsleague Season 1 work?

  • Players will play against whomever they want, as many games as they want
  • League times will be every day from 16:00 – 20:00 to play games
  • How many points do I get?
    • Points won = Rating of defeated player *  money multiplier
    • Money multiplier <= Entry Fee/10
    • Max. 3 Matches/Day/Opponent
    • For every Loss you get 1/10 of the points you could have achieved
  • In order to be eligible for the Season, players must play at least 10 matches by September

2. How will the Knockout Stage work in Kingsleague Season 1

  • Best 16 players of the Qualifying Stage will receive 50€ each (25€ Cash balance; 25€ Bonus Balance) and start in the Knockout stage 
  • Knock out is always “Best of 3” – In case there is a tie the players have to enter into a golden goal match.
  • Every pairing gets a 1,5h slot
  • Every match is played for 1€ Entry fee (Rematch)
  • Round of sixteen:
    • Approximately 16-24 Matches – 1h – 2h
  • Quarter-finals: 8-12 matches – 1h – 2h
  • Semi-finals: 4-6 matches – 1h – 3h
  • 3rd Place: 1 match – 30min
  • Finals: 1 match – 30min

3. How does this work?

  1. We send an email to the 16 Winners stating: 
    1. Congratulations you made it to the round of 16 and are on your best way to win 1.000€ 
    2. The K.-O.-Stage starts on the 20th, September, game time is everyday from 15:00 – Approximately 21:00
    3. If you want to compete for the price please reply to this e-mail with your phone number so we can add you to our tournament Whatsapp group
  2. Mail 2. – Match Schedule: 
    1. First match will be starting between 15:00 and 15:15 
    2. You need to be present in the Kingsleague App and please challenge the opponent you can find in the match schedule here: www.1000€ In case one opponent does fail to accept the match in the given time he is forfeited and the opponent gets to the next stage.
    3. Please connect to your opponent via Discord: Link

If games get annulled after dispute the match has to be played again. If however the complete match time is over the next opponent has automatically won the match. 

4. What will the prizes be?

  1. Top 16 will receive 50€ each (25€ real; 25€ Bonus)
  2. 3rd place – 100€ + EPIC BLACK / RED noblechair, worth 339,90€
  3. 2nd place – 250€ + ICON WHITE / BLACK noblechair worth 369.90€.
  4. King of Season 1 – 1.000€  + HERO BLACK EDITION noblechair worth 449,90€


If you’d like to participate in the August 22-September 27 FIFA tournament on KingsLeague or want to learn more about the challenge click here!

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