Ever since FIFA has been invented, players tend to get upset in certain situations. Losing an intense game in the last minute and then seeing the opponent “dabbing” has cost gamers many controllers over the past few years. To handle these types of outbursts and players getting frustrated, EA has disclosed that they will remove some toxic features in the new game. Goal.com reported on an interview with FIFA’s gameplay Producer, Sam Rivera.

How is Toxicity Being Tackled in FIFA 21?

The FIFA’s lead gameplay producer, Sam Rivera, has recently  revealed that there were many reported incidents, where players tried to anger their opponent on purpose.

“We were told by the community that there is toxic behaviour in the game and we wanted to make sure we removed them,” explained Rivera.

The overusing of certain celebrations, the dab for example, has been named as a main reason for frustration in every past FIFA edition.

It was said by Rivera, that some celebrations will not be available on FIFA 21 anymore, though he did not list any,  people see some of their favorite ones under threat. Especially the “pigeon” or the “dab” are expected to be removed.

Another main reason for frustration of FIFA users is the waiting time during some of the longer choreography scenes that are shown when the ball is out of play for a throw-in, for example.

Though there is the option to skip them, some players would drag these scenes out on purpose in order to frustrate their opponents.

The change in FIFA 21 will be that these cutscenes will be skipped automatically allowing the gameplay to be quicker and less interrupted and  therefore also reducing the time-wasting.

By listening to their customers and trying to change their game to the better  EA recently has appeared to be really trying to improve the levels of enjoyment and sportsmanship.

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