How does Kingsleague secure funds?

The users of Kingsleague deal with money transactions during every single game. Such transactions are already commonplace on the Internet, but many are suspiciousm because they don’t know exactly what happens to their money and how it’s secured.

Keep reading to find out why you don’t have to worry about such things with us and how we protect your money!

Four ways Kingsleague protects your funds

1. Insurance through a Germany GmbH 

Your funds are secured through a legal company established in Germany, holding your money and guaranteeing its safety with its assets.

2. Kingsleague guarantees your money in a secure deposit

Your funds (and everyobody elses!) are held by a state-of-the-art thir-party company that guarantees the security of your deposit.

3. Advanced security mechanisms

Our Payment Service Provider offers the most advanced security mechanisms to prevent attacks and track down fraudulent players before they can deposit into their Kingsleague account. 

4. Worldwide methods

We’re not inventing the wheel here. We accept the worlds most well-known and respected payment services, such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Klarna Immediate Transfer.

Still curious about how we secure funds? Drop us a line or start the conversation in our forum, we’re more than happy to help!