Kingsleague Rules



  1. It is the responsibility of each player to read and fully understand all rules and policies before participating in any matches.
  2. Once a result is reported, the other player has 15 minutes to confirm or dispute that result, before it will be automatically confirmed.
  3. Should a match go unreported within two hours of being accepted, it will be considered null and void. It will not be reflected on the players’ profiles and the funds will be returned to the players’ accounts.
  4. Matches are only valid when played between the gamertags listed in the match. If you play the whole match despite that being the case, lose and then dispute, your dispute will not be considered.
  5. Deliberately losing matches to give points to the other player is strictly prohibited!
  6. Collusion and "pushing" each other, i.e. alternately losing and winning matches is prohibited.  We reserve the right to ban the players involved upon suspicion, not to distribute the prize money and to exclude them from Kingsleague!
  7. No guests! Although we definitely encourage your friends to root you on, we do not allow other people to play under your account instead of yourself.


  1. In order to make an accurate and fair judgment on all disputes, we highly recommend the recording of all Match Results, disconnections, rule violations etc. VIDEO PROOF is the best way to show that something went wrong. Click here to check out our Youtube-Channel where we expalin how to record and hand in video evidence! Kingsleague reserves the right to call a match null and void if no judgment can be made.

  2. If a Player breaks a rule while losing the match or while the match is tied and the opponent quits the Match immediately, the player who broke the rule will lose the Match.

  3. If a Player breaks a rule while in the lead and their opponent quits the match immediately, the Match will be canceled and both players will be refunded their entry fees.

  4. WARNING: Submitting fake or false results will result in financial penalties, including the possibility of removing the entire account balance! If you are found to be reporting inaccurate or forged information / evidence in an effort to deceive, your dispute review will result in an automatic forfeit, you will lose the full amount of the match and your account will enter review and potentially be banned. Players should not try to deceive their opponent or Kingsleague in any way.

Kingsleague is not endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained or sponsored by Electronic Arts, Activision, Microsoft, Xbox, Sony or Playstation. All content, games titles, trade names and/or trade dress, trademarks, artwork and associated imagery are trademarks and/or copyright material of their respective owners.

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